How to remove %e2%80%8e from URL

The URL trailing with the unwanted %e2%80%8e, is token of your defected copy and paste method. Here defected means, the copied words contains the special character or hidden space. Due to this, the URL becomes the ugly. Albeit,  Our try to edit the URL from post page also fail to repair the URL. Then doubt arises here that where is the root of a problem?

Ugly keyword in WP post

This ugly %e2%80%8e based URL mostly comes while copy and pasting from Word, excel or other multifunctional editors. The solution is simple. Simply, follow the below steps,

  1. Go to cPanel > phpMyAdmin
  2. Select the WP database
    WordPress Database
  3. Click on Search tab
    Search tab in phpMyAdmin
  4. Enter value %e2%80%8e. Select the exact phrase with table wp_post. Please note that the table name might be vary; however usually ends with the word post.
    phpMyAdmin Search
  5. Browse the results. Now click on Edit link
    Select a row to edit
  6. Navigate toward post_name and remove the ugly content.
    renaming URL in WordPress
  7. Finish

Alternative Method: Using Plugins

If you do not have access to PhpMyAdmin or cPanel for somewhat reason. Or you might repaint the URL structure within WordPress admin panel. Then plugin is the ultimate solution to you. Simply, there are a lot of plugins available in WordPress plugin gallery for search and replace the database item. And yes, most of them comes free. I recommended following plugins. However, if you have another alternative then do not forget to share it in comments section.

Hope it will help you get rid of from ugly URLs. Will come up with next trick, till then bye bye.