[Solved] Yikes! It appears IWP plugin has not been installed in this site

InfiniteWP is a one of the leading self-hosted and free multiple WordPress management platform. Thanks to their pretty button to update everything in a single click. Few time error occurs while adding the plugin in WordPress admin or adding a site in the admin panel of InfiniteWp. We are going to view how to solve an error with notification Yikes! It appears IWP plugin has not been installed in this site. It occurs while adding site unsuccessfully in the admin panel of InfiniteWP.

InfiniteWP error

Usually, InfiniteWP needs to add a plugin named InfiniteWP Client in a targeted WordPress site. Fortunately, nearly all users do not meet any error during installation of this plugin. However, remarkable reality is that every successful installation of a new plugin does not guarantee of 100% successful installation. This fact holds true here, that’s why user takes this error as an error of InfiniteWP. In fact, you have to alter your attention toward the WordPress admin panel.

Follow the below steps which can helpful in the troubleshooting this error.

  1. Temporarily Disable all security plugins while adding the plugin of InfiniteWP Client (IWP).
  2. In the case of an already installed client plugin; deactivate and reactivate the IWP.
  3. Clean all caches (if you have cache plugins)

    Empty all Cache

    Clearing the caches

  4. Add the new details of InfiniteWP in the admin panel of InfiniteWP hosted site.
  5. That’s it..!

Remember to activate previously disabled plugins. In this way, you can refrain from most errors during various plugin installations. We recommend that, after deleting caches; immediately disable that cache plugin, while adding new plugins. If you are still facing any problem then try InfiniteWP forum.