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I use ClipClip application for managing clipboard. It's is user-friendly and low on resources. That's why it's my favourite app. 

However, recentely I'm facing the error as soon as Windows starts (as ClipClip is my one of the autostart application). I'm attaching screenshot.

Could not loads Clips Error in ClipClip

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It's known bug of ClipClip's application. Even the latest 2.1.2045 version has this issue. You can prevent this error by cleaning the latest clips. For the backup purpose, you should save current clips in a safe directory. By default, ClipClip saves clips in C:\Users\username\Document\Clips\Saved Clips

You just need to follow below steps

  1. Open ClipClip Application
  2. Click on Edit menu > Clear Latest Clips
  3. Done..!
So, you will no longer face warning notification on each startup.
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