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I want to show multiple photos of my family programme as slideshow wallpaper.

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Generally, Windows 10 comes with the default static wallpaper. However, you can change it to dynamic. Remember using the slideshow functionality needs relatively more resource than static/single mode wallpaper. So, if you have low RAM and a slower processor then stick to static/single wallpaper mode. If you don’t see any lagging, of course, keep dynamic/slideshow wallpaper. Rather, you can set longer delay to optimize performance.


Follow below steps, to set slideshow wallpaper in Windows 10

  1. Right Click on Desktop > Personalize > Background (default selected)
  2. Change Background Picture to Slideshow
  3. Now select a directory as gallery
  4. Set Changing time
  5. Choose a suitable fit size

It’s better to prefer optimized images for your screen. Not only by height-width, yet also by KB-MB size too. Since heavy images may hamper the performance of your computer. Even more, you can download more wallpaper with various theme pack. They are usually available on official Windows website and other websites too.