Single VCF to Multiple VCF Contact Extractor

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How do you feel when you lost all contacts? Naturally, those moments will be horrific. Periodic backup of contact is crucial. However, the real tragedy happens when you have a backup and unable to restore it. That’s right, some old age mobile like Nokia with Symbian OS and current some apps, offers the contact backup to single VCF file. Later some mobile unable to extract those contacts from a single VCF file. So, in this article we will learn to extract all contact from a Single VCF file to Separate VCF file.

Steps to extract the contacts

  1. Be ready with VCF file.
  2. Download VCardSplitter (11 KB)
  3. Select Source File path
  4. Give Target directory
  5. Hit the Split button
  6. Done..!

Know issues and solution

In case, your contact backup (VCF) file includes symbol like ‘\’ then the software stops working. But don’t worry, just edit the VCF file in Notepad++ and search and remove those symbols. It will start to work again…!

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  1. Ch Irfan Khaliq

    itz not working
    It work but error after some contects
    i try it for many files…
    but same issue.
    working but only 8%………

    1. Lucky Bhumkar
      • It’s due to special character in contact list.
      • For example, symbol like ' / , disrupts the process.
      • You can manually edit that .vcf in notepad or notepad++ (recommended).
      • Use search and replace method to bulk remove any visible special character in that file.

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