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  1. First, install Ricoh SP111 driver on PC. Verify driver installation by printing a page.
  2. Now, you need a Router/Modem with a USB port. Here we have giving solution assuming you are using TP-Link TD-W9970
  3. Now install USB printer driver for USB_Printer_Controller_Utility
  4. When the installation is completed, the TP-LINK USB Printer Controller will pop up.
  5. Connect the printer's USB cable to modem/router.
  6. Open TP-LINK USB Printer Controller's
  7. Verify your printer is showing in the list
  8. Set default printer with auto-connect
  9. Select printer
  10. Verify it's showing your printer as default
  11. Restart the PC
  12. Now, give a print the page by selecting a printer attached to modem/router.
  13. Done..! Your wired printer is now wireless. Cheers..! smiley
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