[Solved] The requested URL /wp-login.php was not found on this server

One of the cumbersome error message The requested URL /wp-login.php was not found on this server for WordPress. Since its presence clearly means No access to the WordPress admin panel. Now, what?

wp-login.php not found

You might know the stratagem to getting rid of through the Admin panel. Due to incapability to enter into the WordPress admin panel; the most efforts become fruitless. The origin of this error is in the URL path, which might be

  • wrong
  • inaccessible
  • not exist.

Situation A:  The URL might be wrong

In most cases, the WordPress installed in its own directory. When a user tries to change the default URL path of WordPress site from www.example.com/wp to www.example.com, he could be changed the site address instead of WordPress address.


URL structure when WordPress is installed in its own directory.

To overcome this situation, follow steps..

  • Login into cPanel > phyMyAdmin
  • Select appropriate database (other than information_schema)
  • Select wp_option table (the table prefix wp_ might be different)
  • Under the option_name field verify siteurl and home rows. Mostly siteurl missed the correct URL path.

phpMyAdmin view of wp-option

The above method is recommended. However, In case unable to access the database (phpMyAdmin) then you should follow below steps.

  • Add below code into functions.php immediately after the initial <?php line. Don’t forget to replace example.com with your own URL.
  • If you are using a child theme without functions.php file, then you should have to create a new one in the child theme folder. Add following code in functions.php with replacing example.com to your site URL.

Now load login or admin page 2-3 times. It will help WordPress to execute this changes with a database. Once the website will up and running, remove above code snippet from the functions.php.

Situation B: The URL might be inaccessible

If your site still showing the error message The requested URL /wp-login.php was not found on this server, then probably a fault in file permission level. The default file permission level for wp-login.php is 644. Sometimes it changed to 640 by security plugins. More information on how to change file permission.

Another reason is .htaccess file. It can deny accessing the internal WordPress infrastructure. To solve this issue, first download a copy of the .htaccess file; then try WordPress guide on .htaccess file.

Situation C: The file wp-login.php does not exist

Accidently deletion or renaming of wp-login.php file can produce above described errors. So, be sure it’s presence in installed location using cPanel or FileZilla.

My friend, that’s all I have researched for you to overcome the error belongs to wp-login.php. So friends, please share your doubts and feedback via comments. You + I, we both can solve the doubt more efficiently.