WhatsApp Backup path in Google Drive

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Still searching WhatsApp Backup path in Google Drive. It’s one of the most searched terms by WhatsApp Backup seeker or enthusiast. But, mostly disappointed due to a non-acceptable solution. In fact, even one day before writing this post I too not clue about that. Thankfully, Google Drive has now showing the path for WhatsApp backup.

How to search WhatsApp Backup path in Google Drive

It now simple. You cannot need to play hide-n-seek while drilling the Google drive for WhatsApp backup folder. I know most of the users (including me) tired of hunting the path for WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive. You can follow below steps to navigate toward WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive

WhatsApp Backup Path on Google Drive
Path of WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive
  1. Take Backup of WhatsApp on Google Drive (if not did)
  2. Open Google Drive > Backup Folder
  3. Find folder with name like WhatsApp9194000940000backup
  4. Done…!

The numerical figure in the name of the backup is the mobile numbers associated with backup/WhatsApp. For now, you cannot download or preview this backup. However, you can either delete it or prevent WhatsApp remotely to taking further backup. The advantage of that is, you can control WhatsApp backup behavior more efficiently.

How to prevent WhatsApp to take Backup on Google Drive

WhatsApp backup on Google Drive
Backup to Google Drive Schedules

With reference to above screenshot, you can easily get a clue to prevent WhatsApp to take Backup on Google Drive. Yea, Google Drive shows the button named Turn Off, to stop WhatsApp taking future backup on Google Drive.  You can enable or disable backup functionality anytime as wish. And of course if you need more free space temporarily then you can delete the backup. Instead of turning off the WhatsApp Backup facility entirely.

Alternatively. you can control backup schedule from WhatsApp App. For which you need to navigate toward WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > click on Backup to Google Drive. It will show the various schedule (i.e. Daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) along with a never backup option as well. You can choose any schedule as you desire. Even you can set it to the manual mode by selecting Only when I tap “Backup” option.

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