These files can’t be opened – Windows 10

These files can't be opened

Windows 10 Security Message

These files can’t be opened kind security warning message born due to unsafe downloads. Probably from an ill-fame or unsafe web environment. Windows 10 may show the security warning These files can’t be opened. As a consequence of strict measures implemented in Windows 10. Naturally, they block those suspected downloaded files from being execute. 

How to Fix These files can’t be opened error


Internet Options

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Click on Security Tab > Restricted Sites
  4. Select Custom Level
  5. Search for option Launching applications and unsafe files
  6. Select Prompt (Recommended) option
  7. Click on Yes button on warning notification

Security SettingsNow, you will not see again those annoyance messages. But sure you have downloaded it from the proper and faithful website. Otherwise, it may harmful for your device. Be sure about all security program like antivirus, internet security or Windows Defender are running fine. It’s recommended to do not disable any antivirus or security programs.