Installation Failed while Updating WordPress

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WordPress releases updates time to time for bug fixing, improvements and security enhancement. Sometimes, WordPress updating process failed. May show following error message. Here we will go to discuss this issue with we recommended solutions.

Update WordPress
Downloading update from…
Unpacking the update…
Verifying the unpacked files…
Preparing to install the latest version…
The update cannot be installed because we will be unable to copy some files. This is usually due to inconsistent file permissions.: wp-load.php
Installation Failed

No doubt the error itself explain the cause. Of course, it’s file permission. If you have more than two WordPress hosting platform. Then the same permission level for files on the first server, might not work on another server. In other words, the permission level for files and folders are affected by server’s environment or OS level security settings.

In our experience, you will not face this kind of issue on CentOS with cPanel server environment. Contrary, Ubuntu server environment may attract this kind of issue. All right, we will now focus on the solution. As permission level for the wp-load.php file or any other wp-xyz.php file need to be altered. In most cases, 644 is default file permission for wp-load.php and other core files. For folders, it’s 755.
FileZilla File Permission
Just make it 666 (screenshot is for presentation only) for wp-load.php. Now check the update process. Hurray, it’s worked for me and hope same for you too.

For security reason, brings back the default file permission level for wp-load.php. Of course, it’s 644. However, you need to refollow 666 file permission method while upgrading WordPress.

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