How to speed test without Ads

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Few minutes of slow browsing makes us speed test of the internet. Either slow download or upload, anyone can hamper online task. Moreover, if you are using smartphones, ultra-portable gadgets while the internet slows down, then searching & installation an App too doubtful. So, let’s various way to detect internet speed test status via a browser.

1. Speed Test using Google

It’s one of the simplest methods of speed testing. Just type speed test in the Google or URL section of Chrome (or any other browser with Google as a default search engine). You will view a blue colored Run Speed test button. Press it & view the dashboard in a popup.

Internet Speed Test by Google

2. Speed Test using known for it’s clean, ad-free interface. Virtually no keypress or click require to check download speed. You can click on Show more info button if want to view latency & upload speed.

Speed test via

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