How to delete similar emails in Gmail

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Intentionally (spamming) or unintentionally the lots of emails thrown to our inbox. You will need to follow smart methods to delete similar emails in Gmail. One by one select and delete method is a tedious task. Especially when many emails. There is a simple task to delete those emails with smart filtering.

Just follow beneath suitable steps,

Method A: Delete Similar Emails in Gmail

  1. Select an email from Inbox you want to delete. Remember, you must select only one email as an assistant email to select all similar emails.
  2. Click on More button > Filter message like these
Gmail email Filter
Gmail message filter
  • Click on button Test Search
  • You will notice auto-filtered emails.
  • You can easily delete them at once using Select button
  • Also, you can re-filter the emails using a search option available in the search bar.

    Method B: Delete Emails with Redundant Word

    Method A will be ineffective if the sender is unknown or blank. This type of email is common while web app/CMS (like WordPress, OpenCart, etc) installed via Softaculous. Let’s point out the common/redundant words in those emails. Mostly the subject is common (like Script Updates Available).

    delete similar emails in Gmail
    1. Type subject:your subject in the search bar.
    2. Done


    1. Click on the More button > Filter message like these
    2. Type your subject in a subject field
    3. Click on the button Test Search

    This method will bring all emails with the same subject.

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