DigitalOcean Email Forwarding & Self Branded Inbox with Zoho

Since the last couple of months, I have in search of a good Email inbox for DigitalOcean. Of course with a capability of email forwarding, clean inbox, outbox, spam filtering as a basic need. Well, I have successfully found a much better alternative than I thought. For your convenience, you can use it as DigitalOcean Email Forwarding system for free.

  1. For those whose registrar not available in the list,
  2. Go DigitalOcean (Exclusive link to get $10 credit for new account)
  3. Go Networking > Domains
  4. Select Domain name > View
  5. For CNAME Method (see following screenshots). Remember to add [dot] after the domain name (see screenshot). The same method will be applicable for TXT Method too. You can opt HTML method too.
    Zoho Email

    Zoho Email

    DigitalOcean Email Forwarding

    DigitalOcean adding CNAME

  6. Verify Domain with Zoho. You can easily verify your domain, by selecting your domain registrar from the list. If your domain registrar not in the list, then click on other. You can verify via CNAME Method, TXT Method or HTML Method.

    Verify Domain in Zoho Email

    Verify Domain in Zoho Email

  7. Click on Setup in Zoho
  8. Enter your desired domain name

    Adding Domain in Zoho Email

    Adding Domain in Zoho Email

  9. Click on Enable Mailhosting
  10. Sign in Email account
  11. Create a personal (free) Email account on Zoho Email (exclusive link, you will get 5 bonus user!)
  12. Once you verify your domain with Zoho, Congratulation page will  appear.

    Zoho Congratulation

    Zoho Domain Verification Successful

  13. You need to add following MX Records in Digital Ocean > Networking > Domains >
    Host NameAddressPriority

Now you are free to access Email Inbox. Alternatively, use it as DigitalOcean Email Forwarding System. As we say earlier, the logo also changeable via Control Panel > Dashboard. You can add up to 25 email address for the same domain. You can not add more than two or more domain names until you choose the premium package. So, it’s not bad 5GB x 25 email id at FREE. So, Enjoy..!