How to check Google AdWords Ad is running

For newbies, verifying an Ad for it’s working is a cumbersome task. At first glance, Google may need 3-4 days to verification of account as well as your ad campaign. So naturally the curiosity of advertiser or Ad agency will be stretched up.  So, it’s essential to know the procedure to check, whether Ad is running or not on Google AdWords.

Method A: Hover a mouse over Status

Simply move the mouse cursor on the status cell, within a moment the Tooltip box will be shown. It will reveal the current status of your Ad. Red coloured No badge clearly mentions the Ad is still in the verification process. Moreover, Ad campaign gets approval. However, due to pending verification of a user may add some time to running the Ad campaigns. For more information see the below screenshot.

Check Ad is running or not

Method B: Via Google’s Official AdPreview Tool

  1. Visit Google’s Official AdPreview Tool
  2. Sign in
  3. Enter Search terms in textbox
  4. Click on Preview button
  5. Done..!

Even if you does not found your ad for a specific keyword, then AdPreview Tool show the reason too. So, you can easily understand,  where your Ad has halted. Please see below screenshot for more information.

AdWords AdPreview Tool

It’s all for now. If you have any other method to verify the status of an Ad, then please share in comments. We will publish it with your name.