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While routing checkup, stopped on one suspicious transaction for amount ₹194.


DEBIT-SWPS 00000000483 04-DEC-20 VT9525852978 50000521 4--

SMS Copy

SBIDrCard X9701 used for Rs194.00 
on04Dec20 at50000321 Txn#VT9525852078 
If not done fwd this SMS to 9223008333/
call1800111109/9449112211 to block Card

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I assume it's a debit transaction as the word debit present in a given description. 

  • Anyway, the SWPS clearly means the transaction belongs to the card swipe. Whether debit or credit card.
  • Of course, this type of transaction created doubts in the account holder's mind as they did not carry readable words or business name or purpose.
  • You can say it is a negative point of SBI Bank's transaction maintenance system.
How to locate this transaction?
  • Such transactions probably initiate SMS. However, they too meaningless. You still can not guess anything.
  • The best way to locate this transaction is to check your email inbox.
  • Check eCommerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon & other sites from where you generally made purchases.
  • Check payment apps like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay & related UPI apps.

If you can still locate it, then the best way to contact the State Bank of India personally. Beware of toll-free numbers available online. Some of these numbers are planted by fraudsters for malicious purposes.