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When I seen the performance of my website in different geo-location, it's slow. Then I we have taken decision to use CDN to optimize speed globally. We have implement CDN but dont' know to test it. Still not sure whether CDN really working or not?

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The decision you made to use the CDN is exactly right. Implementing CDN will be a wonderful experience for visitors from all corner of the globe or serving regions. Let's turn to our salient point. How to check CDN is working or not?

Technically it's quite simple if you know what type of CDN you are using. 

Interestingly, if you are using WordPress and CDN from quic.cloud then you will not see any difference in URLs as mentioned above. They still stand same as before using CDN. Now you may wonder how to know if the CDN is working? in such case.

The solution is still straightforward. Just follow below step.

  1. Visit Uptrend's CDN performance check
    check CDN is working or not
  2. Enter your website URL
  3. Select region you want to test or keep selected all checkpoints as it is.
  4. Now press Start Test
  5. Analyze the IP address. If you see different IP address, the CDN is working properly. 
    cdn is working or not
  6. If you see all the IP addresses are the same, then there must be something wrong with the CDN implementation.
  7. Done...!

In some exceptional cases the CDN does not work properly. Even you are sure about the setting have implemented as it should be. In such scenario you should use reliable CDN provider like BunnyCDN powerful yet affordable. Moreover, they offer 14 days free trial to evaluate them risk free.