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I'm using Android phone, based on MIUI. Whenever I connect my mobile to laptop for USB tethering purpose, I need to turn on USB-Tethering mode manually. Is there any method to do it automatically. Auto-turn on USB Tethering mode whenever I plug-in the USB.

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Yes, there is such method available in most Android device. However, it is hidden by default. Prior jump to USB Tethering mode, we need to activate developer option first. Once activated it, we can select USB tethering as a default option. Remember, activating developer mode is different device to device. 

  1. Go to Setting > About phone
  2. Press three time on Build Number or MIUI version or it may be vary try pressing three time on other options if previous method does not worked.
  3. Once developer options enabled, you can access from Setting. Most time, it is just above option About phone. In MIUI it is located under Additional setting option.
  4. Go to Developer option > Turn it on (if off)
  5. Search for Default USB configuration
    Setting > Developer Option > Default USB configuration
  6. Choose USB tethering
    USB Tethering as default option
  7. Done.