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In my bank passbook, one trasaction have following description. I do not remeber what I spend for? Of course, it is online payment transaction. But not getting a gateway or website.


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Yes, VIN itself denotes Virtual Identification Number followed by the Payment Gateway's short name. The short name in your transaction is PaymentsPay denotes PayuMoney gateway. The URL is www.payumoney.com. If you are a buyer then check the Wallet section for the merchant details (e-commerce website).

Following are the some VIN for reference.

  • VIN/RAZ*Razorpa = RazorPay.com
  • VIN/Mobikwik = Mobikwik.com
  • VIN/Payu Paymen = Payumoney.com
  • VIN/ONE97 = Paytm.com
  • VIN/CITRUSPAY = Citruspay.com
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