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I'm using OpenCart's latest version 2.2. I couldn't locate, where to add tracking code in admin panel.

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  1. Sign in Google Analytics
  2. Click on Admin menu
  3. Select or Create new property
  4. Click Property Settings > Tracking Info > Tracking Code
  5. Copy all the code under Website Tracking heading


  1. Open OpenCart Admin Panel
  2. Extensions > Analytics > Google Analytics
  3. Select Store
  4. Paste the tracking code into Google Analytics Code
  5. Enable the Status > Save
  6. Done..!

OpenCart 2.2.x Google Analytics

Now verify the tracking functionality in Google Analytics under same tracking code section. Then click on Send test traffic Button. If any active user visible, then your code working now. Else verify the Google Analytics code copied correctly. Sometimes, selecting a wrong property or incomplete copy-paste tracking code may hamper the tracking process.

Google Analytics Tracking code for OpenCart 2.2.x