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There are lots of notifications shown in my Google Chrome. Some of them are not useful. Please suggest a solution on how to get rid of them completely or partially.

disable push notification in Chrome

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Since smartphone age, notifications are an inevitable part of digital life. Some of them are useful too. Or some of them are unwanted. Thus, it's better to disable them. Notifications are useful for being informed about latest updates, news, alerts and even score of your favorite game. However in case advertisement, spam / fake messages might disturb the browsing experience.

Procedure to disable to notification in Chrome Browser

  1. Click on Hamburger Button (three horizontal line-shaped) from upper-right corner > Settings
  2. Scroll until page end > click on Show advanced settings...Disable notification Chrome
  3. Click on Content Settings... button > scroll until you find Notifications section
    1. Select Allow all site to show notifications to enable all site to push notifications to your Chrome browser. If enabled, the Chrome browser will automatically allow a website/service to push notification.
    2. Select Ask when a site wants to show Notifications (recommended) to ask for permission to allow or disallow pushing notifications.
    3. Select Do not allow any site to show notifications to disallow all websites from pushing notifications.Notification Setting Chrome
  4. Done..!
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