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I have just migrated to http://example.com from http://www.example.com I have submitted sitemap for both versions. As much as known Google will going to display non-www version, as I have select it as preferred domain to display. So, naturally Google may ignore to sitemap for www version. I am jumbled, please help.

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The sitemap is a soul of a website. Or you can say it's the extract of the whole website submitted to the search engine to crawl. The ideal sitemap will helpful in indexing site more efficiently. The bots from a search engine will automatically learn/crawl the website through a sitemap. Most sitemaps are in XML format. However, you can add it in a readable format for users, often found in HTML format.

Anyway, come to the point, submitting and nurturing depends solely on preferred domain choice. This means when you favor a non-www version of a domain then submit the sitemap for a non-www version only. Alternatively, you need to delink sitemap for other versions. 

For example. In the past, I was using http://www.example.com and  submitted a sitemap for the same. Now, I opted for http://example.com. So, I should submit a new sitemap for non-www version and  delink a sitemap with www domain.

You can get official Google information on Google Webmaster Support